Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ugly Fabric and Chunk 7

Have you ever ended up with a fabric, that you later decided was just plain ugly? I like most fabrics, so it doesn't happen to me very often, and when it does I usually just cut it into strips and use it in scrap quilts. Everything looks good in a scrap quilt ;-) Well, I have a piece of fabric, that I think is pretty hideous, and rather than cut it up into little pieces, I decided to go with it, and build a whole quilt based on it. I haven't ironed it yet, but here is a pic anyway.

What do you think? Did I exaggerate or is it ugly? Well, even if some of you like it, I think it's ugly! The thing is, when I moved my sewing room about 18 months ago, I almost tossed this fabric. I debated on putting it in the bag to go to a thrift store, when I happened to glance up at the fabric I was sorting in my cabinets, and this bright peach caught my eye, and all of a sudden I knew what would go with this ugly fabric! It's taken me until now to cut out this project, but now that I have it's going quickly.

Here are some of my blocks for this ugly quilt. I think the ugly fabric is just going to be the backing, and I'm leaning towards a borderless quilt. Not only will I end up using all of the ugly fabric, I may end up having to piece some other fabrics with it to have the back be large enough! Without the ugly fabric for my basis, I don't think I would have put these fabrics together, but it's growing on me. Is it craziness or just growth as a quilter to embrace the ugly fabric instead of downplay it?

Here is Chunk 7 of the Celtic Mystery all finished. I'm going to go lay out Chunk 8 and I'm hoping to get it done today too.

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