Monday, January 25, 2010

The question is...

The question right now is not what am I working on, it's what am I not working on! I finished chunk 4 of the Celtic mystery I started back in July. I have chunk 5 all laid out and ready to go. I finished a blue string block that was started, and I made a couple double nine patch blocks for the Double Delight Mystery. I keep switching what I'm using as leaders and enders, with little rhyme or reason. My main project right now is the Celtic mystery quilt, so anything else I get done is a bonus.

I have maybe a dozen or so more double nine patches to make for the Double Delight, then I can assemble the center of it. I have LOTS of maple leaf blocks to make for the border I decided to do, and they are not even cut out yet, so there is still a lot of work to do on that. I've had the pieces for the double nine patches on the corner of my sewing table for a while now, and I think I'm just sick of seeing them there. If I get them done, I can put them with the blocks for that quilt, which are not in my way ;-)

The only cutting I got done today was cutting up the leftover border pieces from the split nine patch quilt. Now all the leftovers from that top are in my scrap user system. I wanted to cut the sashing for the green string quilt, but my hands were not cooperating, and I decided it was not a good day to cut. I did get back into a couple quilts that had been set aside, so that's a good thing.

With so many other things to work on, I must be a little crazy, but I pulled fabric for another quilt. The idea for this quilt had been floating around in my head for almost two years, and it's just not going to be denied much longer. If I can just get it cut out, it would be a great leader/ender project, because it's a simple pattern.

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