Monday, February 1, 2010

Chunks 8, 9, and 10

Chunk 8

Chunk 9

Chunk 10

I finally feel like I'm making progress on the Celtic Mystery quilt. Let's see, 10 out of 25 chunks done, so that's 40%. I'm getting there, slowly but surely. In case you were wondering how these go together, they don't go together in order, so chunk 8 does not go next to chunk 9. Since the mystery was last summer, I have the final layout, and I could make them in the order they go together, but I decided to just go for it the way I would have done it had I not gone to South Africa and kept up with the mystery.

By the time this quilt is ready to assemble I'm going to have several at the same stage. I have over 30 blocks made for the ugly fabric quilt, and I'm almost done the blocks to get rid of the extra blue squares from the split nine patch. It's funny, I didn't count up how many extra blue squares I had, but the pattern I picked used almost all of them. I'm going to make another quilt with the same pattern that has every color in it, completely scrappy. I have a bunch of 2 1/2" squares pre-cut, and the pattern I'm using is easy and a great size for lap quilts. Hopefully I'll be able to at least lay out the blocks soon so I can take a photo for the blog, so you can see what pattern I'm talking about.

I'm working on so many things at once it's crazy, but so far I'm keeping it pretty straight. I have Post It notes everywhere in my sewing room, reminding me where I'm at. Just for fun, I'm going to see if I can name what I'm working on and what stage the project is at.

1. charity quilt from Stashbuster mystery leftovers- waiting for binding
2. Split nine patch- top done, next step- piece backing
3. Carolina Christmas Mystery- blocks done, next step-cut sashing since I want mine with sashing, and assemble
4. Double Delight- blocks done, next step- assemble center or finish maple leaf blocks for border
5. Shamrock quilt- blocks done, sashing cut, next step- assemble
6. Autumn string quilt- blocks done, next step- cut sashing and assemble
7. Swing Your Partner quilt- blocks done, next step- cut sashing and assemble
8. ugly fabric quilt- about half the blocks are done
9. blue square leftover quilt- most of the blocks done
10. Celtic Mystery quilt- 10 of 25 chunks done
11. Perkiomen Daydream quilt- about 25 of 400 blocks done
12. DD#2's quilt- cut out
13. Scooter quilt- finalized design, and found a good scooter silhouette for applique today! Next step- choose fabrics

I am also working on string blocks when I need a break and want something easy to do. I have a bunch of those done, and lots more strings to sew. The oldest quilt on this list is Double Delight which I started in January 2009. It would have been finished long ago, if I hadn't been difficult and decided to make it bigger, straight set it, and make a pieced border for it! I've been working on all of these as I have time to, so really, they are all WIPS and not really UFO's. Actually, looking at the list, six of these I've started in the last month. I must be crazy!

The Celtic Mystery quilt is my main priority right now, so anything else I work on is a bonus. The split nine patch and the Shamrock quilt are next in the priority queue. I'm hoping to send the Celtic quilt off for quilting, while I'm planning on quilting the other two myself, so that's why I'm in such a hurry to get the Celtic quilt top together, so I can have time to send it out for quilting, and still get it back for my deadline.

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