Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a Top!!!!!

All of those Chunks are sewn together, and I got the borders on, it's a top! I contacted my LAQ (Long Arm Quilter) and she is going to quilt and bind it for me. I have so many other quilts in the works, that I will finish myself, that I don't feel too bad about finishing this one with my checkbook. The quilt is 97" square with borders on, and I just didn't feel up to tackling it myself. The LAQ I use is so reasonable that an occasional quilt sent out is affordable. I will probably have her do Double Delight and Carolina Christmas too, whenever I get those tops done. This quilt will be a wedding gift, and the LAQ assured me she can finish it in time. I'm hoping they like it.

So what is next? I'm not planning on sewing at all tomorrow, I think I've earned a break. I'm babysitting anyway, and have plans for tomorrow night, so I doubt I would have sewed anyway, but it sounds good to say I'm taking the day off. When I do go back into the sewing room, I'll be looking for borders for the Shamrock quilt and the little blue quilt.

I used almost all of the brown squares I had cut for the Celtic Mystery. I have enough green and purple squares left to make one each of the little quilts like the blue one waiting for borders, with the four patches and Indian hatchet blocks. I have almost all of blocks done for the completely scrappy one. I like the kitchen sink/everything goes scrappy quilts best, but I know not everyone does, so I'm trying to make a few color controlled quilts as well as the kitchen sink type for donation quilts. My 2010 goal is to use up a lot of precut fabric (to make room to cut up more scraps) so making these little quilts helps with that goal. Of course, making large quilt like the Celtic Mystery uses more fabric, but I like making smaller quilts for donation.

*since someone asked, this was an online mystery and the first chunk's directions are here

Lynne know I've been plugging along on it, so hopefully she won't mind me sending people to her blog. The quilt was originally designed by Deborah Cohen.


Sharon T in Lynden said...

that is awesome!!! I'm going to scroll back through your blog to see if you tell us the name of the pattern.

Kristie said...

Now that is beautiful!!! I LOVE IT!!

Cheryl Willis said...

good for you, this looks great, I still have about 6 blocks to make on mine. wanted to have it finished before the end of the year. guess I should have qualified which year. cw