Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Community Service Workers

I just finished the baby quilt I was making. The baby's father is a policeman, and I found some cute Matchbox Police fabric to use as the focus fabric. When I was shopping for the fabric, I found out it would have been easier to make a fireman themed quilt, lots more prints for fireman, but I did find some EMT fabric available too. It really got me to thinking about community service workers, and how valuable they are.

As children most of us are taught to respect policemen, firemen, EMT's, doctors, nurses, and teachers, but somewhere along the way, a lot of us lose respect for these people and their authority. There certainly are some bad eggs out there, in EVERY field, and run-ins with them can cause us to become cynical. Most community service people are good people though, genuinely wanting to help others. That's why they chose the field they are in.

A lot of our country has been getting some nasty weather lately, and lots of people are holing up and waiting for the snow to melt. If you are a policeman, fireman, EMT, nurse, doctor, or something similar, not only can you not stay home nice and cozy, but you MUST go to work, and you will be busier than ever.

Even here in Southern Arizona, we get occasional ice and snow, and places like this are not prepared for bad weather. A couple of years ago, Tucson had an ice storm, and every bridge in town was closed. My husband works as an Emergency Room nurse, and staying home was not an option. He left early, but he works on the other side of town, and trying to find a way to work without crossing any bridges was an adventure. We've been ice free so far this year, but places like southern Georgia and Florida haven't. They have been having those same type of problems. Up north they are always battling the weather.

I guess my point is, maybe we can give some of these people a smile, or a thank you. Sure no one likes to get a ticket by a policeman, but who doesn't want them available if our home has an intruder?

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