Saturday, February 6, 2010

Falling Off the Wagon

I fell of the wagon in the last couple of days, as far as no-buy fabric goes, but I'm OK with it. I bought one yard of a scooter fabric I've been looking for for a couple of years. I would have bought more, but one yard was all they had. I bought 2 yards of fabric for a baby quilt that I want to have a certain theme. I thought I had a fat quarter with the right theme, and I was going to make do with that, but I only had about a 6" square. Hard to do a themed quilt with only that much themed fabric. I possibly could have gotten by with a yard of the fabric for this project, but I am fussy cutting, and I always end up wasting a lot of fabric to get the pictures I want. I figured better safe than sorry. Since I blew no-buy for this quarter, I am going to go ahead and order the gnome fabric I wanted to make another scrub top for DH. It has gnomes at world landmarks, just like a Travelocity commercial. It will make a great scrub top. So, one yard of scooter fabric, two yards of themed fabric, and three yards of gnome fabric. Six yards, but all with immediate uses, so I will happily mail off my penalty squares.

Here are Chunks 15 and 16 of the Celtic Mystery. I figured it out, and if I want to send it off to a long arm quilter, I need to mail it out by the 16th. The pressure is on for this one. If I can't get the top done in time, I am going to have to quilt it myself, and it's going to be a big quilt. It's less pressure for me in the long run if I send it out for quilting, but I can probably quilt it myself if I have to. If I can get the top done but don't have time to piece the back, I will buy extra wide quilt backing for it. That is a legal purchase even on no-buy. We'll see what happens.

I've been assembling the Shamrock quilt as I'm sewing on the Celtic Mystery. This is the half I have finished. If I make my SIL a Shamrock quilt for next year's meet, I won't have to wonder about whether to use the black fabric with vines on it yet again. I only have one 2" WOF strip left, and a few squares I put with my pre-cut pieces.

I have 40 blocks made for my ugly quilt, and I think I'm going to make 80. I had originally planned it a little smaller, but it's taking on a life of its own.

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