Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On the Design Walls

After looking over the list I made yesterday, I decided I have too many quilts waiting for assembly, and I better get a move on. Because the Celtic Mystery has all of those little pieces, and they are sooooo easy to get mixed up, I don't want to assemble anything large as leaders and enders while I'm working on it. The quilt I'm making with all those leftover blue squares is doable, and since I finished the last blocks for that last night, I started assembling it today while working on the Celtic blocks.

Here are the first seven rows sewn. The rows are not sewn together yet. There are twelve rows all together. This is an easy pattern to do as leaders and enders. It is four patches and Indian Hatchet blocks, and the four patches are just random, you don't have to do darks and lights. This pattern is so easy, I started another one today, done completely scrappy, so now I'm working on 14 quilts at once. Insanity has set in!

I threw the green string blocks for the Shamrock quilt up on the design wall. I was trying to get a balance of the bright greens in the quilt. I have sashing and cornerstones cut for this, to make it the size I need. When I get the center of the blue quilt done, this one gets assembled next. I haven't completely decided on borders for either quilt.

As for my Celtic Mystery progress, I got two chunks done today. Here is chunk 11...

...and here is chunk 12. I am almost halfway there, yeah!

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