Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's a scooter quilt....almost....

I got the quilt top assembled, and boy, had I misjudged how much border fabric I would need! I made some other appliqued scooter squares thinking I would run out of border fabric, and need them to fill in, but as it turned out I had plenty even with having to deal with the directional print. I even have a bit leftover, so I'm sure it will end up in another scooter quilt somewhere down the line. I decided to save the other appliqued squares for another quilt too, so no cornerstones on the border. I made the border a bit narrower than my original plan, so I'm sure that has something to do with my being so far off.

Here is the border fabric close-up. It is so hard to find any fabric with scooters on it, and most of what I can find is so girly. This was less girly than most (yes there are hearts on it, but at least the background color is not pink), and I could afford it. There is some great fabric from Japan with scooters on it, but at $20 a yard plus shipping it can stay there! The quilt still came out more feminine than I wanted, but hey, at least it's bright and cheery, right?

I'll have to go stash-diving to come up with a nice backing, but that shouldn't be too hard. I'll probably mess with the backing tomorrow, and work on luggage tags tonight.

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Howard said...

I'm loving it. I know the winner of the raffle is going to love it too. AS usual, you've done a great job!