Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rally Projects Done!

See this pile of fabric in baggies? They are 75 cool ties, ready to go into rally bags for DH's scooter rally. They are not difficult to make, but making this many still takes some time. I went through about 2 lbs of polymer crystals, and almost 9 yards of fabric on these.

All of the projects I was making for the rally are now completed, so now I need to decide what to work on next. Since I have other things to do for the rally, like putting all the goodies in the rally bags, and helping with registration and such, I don't want to start a big project right now. I think I will go back to one of my already started projects and work on those.

Two of my mystery quilts need to be assembled and sent off for quilting. They are HUGE quilts, and I'm not ready to tackle quilting something that big yet. I'm sure it can be done on my Juki, but I'm not ready to try it. I also have three quilt tops ready for quilting, and I'm planning on quilting those myself. Now I just have the problem of picking which one to work on. My next couple of days are pretty booked, so it may be the weekend before I decide. I have a couple of new quilts that need to be made, but I'd like to finish some of my WIPS before I have a new start.

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