Monday, April 26, 2010

Decisions, Decisions....

I am very surprised, but I got the other blocks sewn together today. I never plan on getting any sewing done on days I babysit, so this is a bonus. This first photo is one of the new blocks.

Here the blocks are filling in the holes on my design wall. The pattern is really 5 blocks by 5 blocks, but my design wall isn't that big :-) This is the way the quilt was designed, with no sashing. I really want to add sashing, so now my problem is which fabric to use for sashing.

I was hoping this quilt would use up more of this gray fabric, so I considered it for sashing. I think the squares of gray show up as holes with the same fabric for sashing, so I am not thinking I'll use it.

This blue polka dot has possibilities. It is a nice bright color, and looks pretty happy. I didn't use this blue anywhere else in the quilt, so this is a contender.

I am thinking about a solid to tone the busy factor down. It has a completely different feel than the polka dot, but it also has certain advantages.

I decided to try a lighter color, so I chose this white calico with blue flowers. It doesn't interrupt the flow of the quilt as much, and blends well. I did not use this fabric in any of the blocks either.

Those are the fabrics I'm considering, and I'm definitely going to have to sleep on it. The gray is out, but the other three are in the running. I will not use pink, because I don't want to add any more pink to the quilt. I will probably use cornerstones too, but I can't decide on those until I pick the sashing!

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Sandra said...

I love the blue poka dots - for some reason it makes the blocks stand out and is also cheerful to look at. I enjoy your blog!