Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Scooter Rally

The scooter rally DH hosted was this past weekend, and I think everyone involved had a good time. The driving force behind the rally was DH's desire to ride in a gymkhana. If I understand correctly, gymkhana's were originally equestrian events, where horse and riders had tasks to complete while on a course. Motorcyclists and scooterists took that idea and made their own courses, with every course being a bit different. The video above shows DH riding in the gymkhana. The scoring was lowest score wins. You got a point if you put your foot down, missed a cone, ran over a cone, left the course, or just skipped something. (Most people skipped the teeter totter) DH was the winner of the gymkhana with one point. When he was at the table part, he was supposed to take a straw out of the first bottle and put it in the bottle at the other end. He got a straw out of the first, but couldn't get it in the second bottle. He managed to not put his foot down at all.

The beginning of the gymkhana was a slalom, with a u turn and another slalom. Then there was the keyhole, you had to go in the circle, do a full turn and come out the same place. You went from there to a figure 8, then to the table with the bottles and straws. The teeter totter was next, and that was where I was so nervous just watching! I thought that teeter totter would never tip down! The next task was the spiral, you ride straight to middle and spiral out following the path. The last thing was the quick stop. You needed to speed up after the spiral and stop with your front tire in the box drawn on the pavement.

DH did get the lowest score, but since it was his rally, the prize went to second place. We actually had a three way tie for second with three people scoring 3 points. Only one of those people had done the teeter totter so he got the prize.

It was a fun time, and I was happy with the diversity of our participants. We had a pretty equal mix between men and women, and the age range of riders went from teens to 70's.

Here was our scooter quilt winner, modeling his win. He came all the way from Kansas City for the rally!

Now that the rally is over for this year, I'm hoping to get some sewing done ;-)

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Stephanie Newman said...

That's so funny! I used to do gymkhanas on a horse, which were often egg and spoon races on horseback, passing flags between team members, and obstacle courses-up and over many different styles of jumps. No see-saws though! Looks like you all had a great time with your scooter rally.