Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Power Sewing!

Look at my sewing cabinet! Only a few piles left to sew up. This cabinet was completely covered with stacks of four patches and HST's yesterday. I've been doing some major power sewing to get them sewn up. I have been chain sewing until the pile on the floor covers my feet then I clip them apart and iron. I just finished ironing over 200 HST's and my sewing room is HOT! I decided to take a break and let it cool off before I try to get the rest of these sewn up tonight. I'm done ironing for the night, if I finish these HST's they can wait until tomorrow to be ironed.

Here is a sneak peek at what the blocks will look like for DD#1's new quilt. They are Buckeye Beauty blocks, so 2 four patches and 2 HST's. Half of the blocks will look like this with the green half of the HST's towards the center.

The other half will have the blue sides towards the center.

Take a look at what I've sewn in the past couple of days. I have a couple hundred purple four patches for two charity quilts, the 240 four patches I need for DD#1's quilt, and more than half of the 240 HST's I need for her quilt. They are all safety pinned together in groups of ten so I can keep them straight.

For some reason time got away from me on DD#1's quilt. We are still planning on going to South Africa in August, and I'll need to bring her quilt with me if I go. I will most likely send her quilt out for quilting, and all of a sudden it struck me that I needed to hurry up and get the top done. I'd like to send this quilt and Carolina Christmas out for quilting at the same time, and I need to allow time for the LAQ to get them quilted and then there is binding... I have a stack of tops I am planning on quilting myself too, and a couple of other tops in various stages of completion.

In case anyone is wondering about my other projects I recently posted about, I decided Carolina Christmas is done as is, and gets no border. I think I'll bind it with the sashing fabric, but a darker blue may win out. The Swing Your Partner blocks are getting the rust sashing, with dark green cornerstones. I was going for navy, but decided the first border would be navy instead.

I have several other starts coming up. I will be making a sea themed quilt for a five year old, and I just found out I have another nephew getting married (Yeah, Joe and Christi!) so there will be another wedding quilt to make. I do want to use up the scraps from DD#1's quilt in a timely manner, and I have a quilt to make for a dear family friend too. At this rate I'll be busy for quite a while to come.

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