Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Special Project

I wasn't thinking I would be able to post this until next week, but thanks to a very efficient postal system, my dad already got his Father's Day gift! A while back, my dad gave me the patches he had earned over the years doing various activities. I tried to think of something cool to do with the patches, and I came up with an idea for a cloth book. Dad's patches, muslin, novelty fabrics, and some fabric pens all went into the making of his book.

I didn't figure I needed to comment of each page. Suffice it to say, my Dad was pretty eclectic in his hobbies and his work. I put some random patches on the back, that I hadn't used in the center.

I wrote my Dad a book several years ago, and my oldest sister illustrated it. It was a story from his childhood that he used to tell, with some embellishment by me. I thought of doing something similar this time, but patches and paper just didn't seem to be very compatible. A cloth book made more sense to use the patches on, and the subject was so varied it didn't make a great story. It is what it is, but he liked it. It's kind of funny, I'm in my 40's still saying, "Daddy, look what I made you!"

So, besides the book making, and cutting up all of my flannel, what have I been doing? I've been on a cutting spree. I've cut out four quilts, plus the border for my purple quilt all since yesterday. I am trimming up the leftovers from DD#2's star quilt to make a throw sized quilt. DH is getting tools for Father's Day, he knows it, I let him pick them out. He also wants a denim vest to put his scooter patches on, so today we went and got the fabric for his vest. I also picked a border fabric for the star leftover quilt, and I got some black for a stained glass quilt. All allowable purchases, so I don't owe any penalty squares, yeah!

I want to finish getting the star leftover quilt ready to go, I need a few more HST's and some filler strips cut. I also want to get the stained glass quilt cut out. After that, it is back to the sewing room for a sewing marathon. Oh yeah, and I need to get DH's vest made. I may cut a few blocks for my sea quilt too. I think I will just be cutting those one block at a time, that quilt is just going to happen, not too much planning. No problem right? Now if I just knew when my nephew is getting married, I'd know if I needed to get that quilt cut out too. Right now, it's not on my short list.

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