Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Orphans Find Home

I've been wanting to try a Disappearing 9 patch (D9P) for a while now. Since I was trying to empty out my orphan block box, I found a few squares I had left from making another frog quilt. I needed one extra square, and I had some scraps to cut that from, and I cut the green and blue squares too. It was an easy quilt to make, and I think it does a good job showing off the novelty prints. It would really be great if you wanted to show off a novelty print and you didn't have much of the novelty print to start with.

Here is a close up of the novelty frog prints.

Here are some more four patches I had, plus some HST's I made from leftovers of the Mardi Gras quilt. I think it will be a nice boys quilt. OK, I just noticed one four patch is turned the wrong way. It's going to stay that too!

Yes, here are still more four patches I had in my orphan box! I had enough in the brown and blacks, that I figured I could put them in their own quilt, once I added alternating squares. I think the musical border print really ties it all together. I was talking to DD#2 while I was sewing the borders on, and one border is upside down. She said no one will notice. I'm leaving it for now, but if it's still bugging me when I go to quilt it, I'll fix it then. Mistakes on two quilts in the same day? Maybe I'm working on too many projects? Nothing earth shattering, and my perfection quotient is not that high. Finished is better than perfect, right?

By the way, I've been taking photos of the quilt on a queen sized bed if you are looking for a size estimation. I prefer to hang them up to take pictures of them, but lately my design wall has always has the next project already on it.

Speaking of quilting, I did get the backing pieced for DD#1's quilt. Her quilt and Carolina Christmas are off to the LAQ. I ended up buying more of the paisley for the back. I bought the rest of two bolts the first time I bought the paisley, but there was only about 3 yards between them. This time I bought all that was on the bolt too, and there was about 7 1/2 yards. It took nine yards of fabric to back that quilt, so even after buying all that was on 3 bolts, I only have a bit over a yard left.

I also got my no-buy penalty squares sent off for my men's shirt spree, and DSIL's computer quilt fabric. I am not good at this whole no-buy thing. I am buying a lot less, but I just don't feel bad when I do buy. I've always shopped my stash first, but if I really want something different, and I can afford it at the time, I'm going to buy it. DH never complains about me buying fabric, because he sees how fast I use it. He also reaps benefits from my sewing, I make all of his scrub tops, and when he takes me fabric shopping he looks at the novelty fabrics for scrubs. I'm supposed to come up with another scooter quilt this year, but it's not on my radar screen yet.

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