Friday, June 18, 2010

Swing Your Partner

Here is the Swing Your Partner quilt top finished. I really needed access to my closet, so it was time for this quilt to get assembled and off the design wall. The borders are not really crooked, they are just folded a bit. Now that this top is done, it is folded and on top of my growing pile of quilt tops waiting to be quilted.

Since I finally have enough of the blue/green background fabric for the sea quilt, I decided to make my first block for it. These fish finish at 2" each. I think I may try making the humpback whale next, because it looks a little tricky. I want the humpback whale to be the largest thing on the quilt, so I'm trying to scale down a few fish blocks I've found. I'm just working on the sea quilt one block at a time when I need a break from whatever I'm doing, or just whenever the mood strikes.

I haven't even cut out DH's vest, so it's not likely to be done for Father's Day. It took me washing the fabric 3 times before the black dye stopped running. I wasn't planning a whole day just to prewash the fabric!

I need to get that flannel quilt that is on the guest bed assembled, then I will start working on the quilts I cut out the other day. I think I will need the guest bed soon, so getting that off of the guest bed comes first. Maybe someday I will get caught up on my projects? At the rate I've been starting new projects, it's not likely ;-)

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