Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taking Advice from Larry the Cable Guy

Git R Done, Larry the Cable Guy says that all the time. That is what I am trying to do, finish up as many quilts as I can before the house gets turned upside down with changes.

^I've had this top done a while, and now it's quilted and done. I use this pattern a lot for donation quilts. It is an easy pattern to do as leaders and enders, and I can go completely scrappy like this one, or keep it color controlled.

^I just finished another top just like this one a couple weeks ago. This is indeed a different quilt though.

^Here is another quilt where the top has been finished a while. A lot of these tops are from when I cleaned out my orphan box and made quilt tops out of the four patches I had been making, along with extra HST's from various projects. The border fabric has musical instruments all over it, and as a joke, I decided to put this chair fabric on the back.

I have no idea who will end up in with this donation quilt, but if they are musically oriented, they may know that the best player of each instrument in the symphony gets first chair.

I have four more quilts pin basted and ready to quilt. I have bobbins wound for the next couple of quilt tops. I have finished four quilts this week, and with the four more that are basted, you might think I'd be catching up. The thing is, I have five more quilt tops finished that aren't basted yet, plus I have at least six quilt tops that are close to be being completed. Now I also have quilt tops started that aren't that close to being finished. I think I actually had about 25 projects going at once!

Well, at least four quilts are off of my list and done. Tomorrow is a sewing lesson with DD#2 (she's making a cape), and then she and I are going to the U of A to see their production of Dracula. Friday is DH's day off, and I'd like to go to Home Depot to finalize my choices for the downstairs bathroom remodel before I go there with the contractor next week to buy everything. Friday night several of us are going to the movies together. Saturday DH and I are planning on going up to Phoenix for the State Fair, and Sunday is sewing lesson with DD#3 who will be making a maternity shirt. I might get bits of time here and there to do a bit of quilting, but I doubt I'll have another finish until next week.

My goal for this month is to get at least all the quilt tops that are done quilted and bound. That would be at least 13 finishes for this month, which is crazy. If I can do it, it will cut my current project list in half. I'm not overthinking any of these quilts on the quilting. Mostly I am meandering, which I'm getting pretty quick at. I might crosshatch a few, might not. I'm not debating endlessly which color thread to use, nor I am I going to buy any new thread for any of these. I am simply going to finish them and get them into a usable form. They aren't doing anyone any good as quilt tops.

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June Dodge said...

Wow - so many done! What an inspiration! I especially like the first two quilts you picture in this post. Thanks for sharing!