Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Three More

I got three more quilts finished in my quilting marathon. This top quilt was made from orphan HST's and some four patches I had made as leaders and enders with no plan.

Here is the one of the quilt tops I made from my flannel busting spree. This one was the only grown up quilt I made from flannel.

This D9P frog quilt is finished too. I'm up to 7 quilts finished so far this month. I have one more quilt pin-basted, another frog D9P, but a girly one. I am hoping to get it quilted tomorrow.

I'm having to take things one day at a time. Plans have been changing daily, so I'm trying to stay flexible. The downstairs bathroom remodel starts tomorrow. DS the Younger wants to move his room this weekend so he can be close to a functioning bathroom, so although I had planned on a serious quilting weekend while DH is at a scooter rally, I guess I will be moving furniture instead. It had to be done sooner or later anyway, since DS the Younger is giving up his room for DD#3 and DSIL to move in. In the grand scheme of things, this weekend is as good as any.

I am quilting whenever I get a chance. Hopefully I will find time to piece some more backings so I can pin-baste the next batch of quilts. I may change the order I had been planning to get the next few done, to better reflect when they need to be done. I had been saving the ones with deadlines, knowing I'd get more done if I did the others first, but it may be time to bump those up to the head of the line. I am so glad I bought more basting pins, because for me, I do better basting several quilts then quilting them all, as opposed to basting-quilting-basting-quilting. Everyone has different things that work for them, and this seems to be working for me.


Stephanie Newman said...

Go Melodie, Quilt those quilts!! You are amazing amidst such chaos of remodelling to be whipping those quilts out from under the machine, finished in what seems like a flash. Good on you!

Anonymous said...

Great quilts! Thanks for sharing :)