Friday, January 28, 2011

Creativity Runs in the Family

Some families are full of musical talent, others have athletic prowess, but when I think about the family I came from, I think we have a creative bent. The only musical thing about me is my name, and my athletic ability is lacking, but I like to think I am creative.

Here is my grand-daughter, in the doll cradle my grandfather made for me when I was a little girl. So to her, her great-great-grandfather made the cradle she is in. She is such a tiny thing, this is a doll cradle, not a baby cradle.

DD#3 got a package from my mother today. Here are some hooded sweaters she made for the twins, lavender for Serenity, green for Lucius.

Serenity got a bonus sweater set, and this one is my favorite :-)

An afghan for Lucius.

And one for Serenity. All of these were made by my mother, so their great-grandmother.

I told my sister we hadn't been able to find a hat that would stay in Serenity's tiny head, so she whipped one up and mailed it.

My mother knitted four more preemie hats for them too.

So just in these few things, the twins' great-great grandfather, great grandmother, and great aunt all passed on bits of creativity to them. The family doesn't all have the same hobbies, my grandfather (the one who made the cradle) made a lot of clocks, my mother is an amazing seamstress, and knits and crochets a lot. My Dad does some woodworking, both of my sisters crochet, and one especially likes to make dolls, but they do other crafts as well. My passion is obviously quilting, but what will happen in the generations after me? What will my kids pick up as hobbies? What will my grandchildren do? The creativity genes are there, what will they do with them?

When I seriously began quilting, and my other hobbies fell by the wayside, I started to find out there were other quilters in the family that I knew nothing about. Evidently, some of my great aunts (on my dad's side) liked to quilt, mainly with wool to make very warm bedcoverings. Also my grandmother (on my mother's side) made a few quilts, all appliqued, which I never knew and I don't think I ever saw. It's funny how some things about your family you never find out, until someone finally thinks to mention it.

*In case anyone is wondering, Lucius is still in the hospital, but he's doing well, and we're hoping he gets to come home soon.

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Stephanie Newman said...

Melodie, She's so cute in that little hat!