Saturday, January 15, 2011

Introducing the Grandtwins!

There aren't any good pics of Lucius yet, since he's in NICU and has some added accouterments. He is having a little bit of a hard time breathing on his own, so he'll be staying at the hospital for a little while until his lungs mature a bit. It is nothing unusual for a baby born at 34 weeks, but still hard to not have him going home at the same time as mommy. I do like the little nest he's in. I'm anxious to get to hold him to, but not nearly as anxious as DD#3 is.

Here is Serenity. She is quite a wiggle worm! We've all gotten to hold her, and love on her since she's doing so well. In fact, she gets to come home tomorrow when DD#3 comes home too! I remember when no babies under five pounds came home from the hospital, but she is doing great so they are releasing her. She is the smallest baby I've ever held, and at first I was just amazed at how small she is. Last night I saw some full term babies and they just look huge in comparison.
Tomorrow we have Serenity coming home, and then hopefully Lucius will be soon after. I guess we get a slow breaking in period for having twins in the house.
I've spent a lot of time at the hospital, but I actually have gotten some sewing done this week. I finished six swaddling blankets for the twins, in small bits of time stolen here and there. I have a couple more half done for the twins, and a couple more half done that I need for a baby gift. My goal is to get all of those completed in the next week, which should be doable.


Kristie said...

Oh how precious! I pray that little Lucius get to be home with the family soon. My stepdaughter weighed 1.8 lbs when she was born, of course I was not around then :) but I can't imagine having a child so small. My boys were both over 7lbs.

Stephanie Newman said...

They're gorgeous Melodie, precious little parcels. My twins were 1.8kg and 2.4kg at birth at 35 weeks so I know how you feel about the twins seeming tiny compared to full term whopper babies. They'll grow and fatten up before you all know it. Congratulations to the Mummy and Daddy.