Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yes, More Baby Pictures ;-)

I couldn't decide which picture of Lucius was better, this one or the next one, so you get both. His eyes are still a bit swollen from all the stuff that was on him earlier, but at least now we have a good idea of what he looks like.

Lucius is almost off of oxygen, so we're hoping he'll be home in the next couple of days. I know his Mommy, Daddy, and sister will be especially glad to have him home.

I was giving Serenity a bath, and as normal for newborns, she wasn't sure she liked all of it. She did like getting her hair washed, which surprised me. My dogs, Kate especially, got very irritated that I made the baby cry.

Check this out, after Serenity's bath, when DD#3 had her back and all bundled in one of the swaddling blankets I've been making, the dogs were pulling guard duty, and keeping the Princess safe. I'm sorry these pictures are fuzzy, the lighting was not ideal for photos.

Kate didn't think the floor was close enough, so she sat with DD#3 and baby. Every time I got close she barked at me! Thankfully, today Kate has forgiven me for giving the baby a bath, and she's letting me hold her just fine. Kate takes her baby guarding duties very seriously, but I'm wondering what she will do when Lucius gets home.

I finished the last of the swaddling blankets I had cut out. The thing is, Miss Serenity responds to diaper changes much like a boy, so she's going through multiple blankets per day. (at least we know she's well hydrated) I cut out three more blankets yesterday, and hope to get those finished today.

The little guy I babysit is fascinated with the baby. He tried to share some of his favorite toys with her, which was an adventure, letting him share and making sure he didn't hit her with any. I'm not sure what he will think about two babies either, but he seems fine with one.

It seems like I've gotten no sewing done, but I've already emptied three spools of thread this year, so I know that's not true. I've lost count of how many swaddling blankets I've made, I'll try to count them when I'm done. This weeks sewing goals- finish the swaddling blankets, make the curtains for the nursery, and work on another project that I can't blog about. If I get those done, I might be able to get back to quilting. Well, I may try making some baby hats. Serenity's head is so small even preemie hats are too big. Lucius' head looks a little bigger, so he might be OK. I'm wishing I knew how to crochet or knit, but learning how this week seems unlikely :-P I might just dig out some of my cotton knit fabric and try my hand at sewing some.

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