Friday, February 25, 2011

Lost Project Gets to Top Stage!

It's been quite a week! I got a nasty stomach bug, and didn't feel like leaving bed, never mind sewing. Thankfully, I didn't get sick until after I made my son-in-law's birthday dinner. I worked on the project I had misplaced, while I was feeling OK, and I got it to top stage today. This is the leftovers from my big Hawaiian quilt. I had to couple a few pieces of one size, and had a couple left over of another size, so I cut those into my scrap user system sizes and they are put away. I cut it so close on the border fabric! I have about a 6" x 12" left, and that is all.

This pic of the twins isn't very clear, but I like how it shows their size. DH wanted a pic of the twins in his helmets, so here they are. Miss S was trying to sleep through the photo shoot, but Mr. L was awake. They've grown so much since they were born. It took a lot of growing to get to helmet size, they were soooo tiny.

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