Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still Adding Borders

I've still been adding borders to get things to quilt top stage. Actually, this top one I had to assemble too, but it was just some flannel orphan blocks. I got to use almost all of this border fabric, just some scraps for the scrap user system left. I was happy to see this fabric go, I had bought it to fussy cut some babies for a project, but that project is long done, so I'm happy to see this novelty fabric out of here. I'm not too hot on pastels as a general rule, but I do have some. This got rid of some of that pastel stash that I'm happy to use.

Remember this top from a while back? I had been debating on whether to add another border after the zig zag or not. I talked it over with my online friend, Stephanie, and she suggested a dark purple border. The color doesn't show true in this photo, but the dark purple border was exactly what it needed, and I'm loving this quilt now. Thanks, Stephanie!

I now have five quilt tops in my quilt top cubby. I have another quilt top I'd like to quilt tomorrow, so it's not in the cubby. I have one more quilt center waiting for borders, and a few quilts where the blocks are done, and that's as far as I got. Are any of these the quilts that are due in the next couple of months? Of course not, it can't be that easy! By getting some of the projects that were laying out to quilt top stage, it is cleaning up my sewing room slowly, but surely. I'm uncovering some surfaces, and I will soon be able to start the projects with due dates with a somewhat clear conscience. Of course, it would be better if the quilts were finished, but if I need them, finishing a quilt top to completed quilt takes a lot less time than starting from scratch. I can live with quilt tops much more guilt free than quilt parts everywhere.

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Stephanie Newman said...

I'm liking both these quilts, that purple has done the trick nicely for you, hasn't it?
I think the baby quilt with the pastels is very airy and pretty, lucky baby who receives it!