Sunday, February 13, 2011

Split Four Patch Top

A while back on the Yahoo group Stashbusters, this split four patch pattern was the topic of discussion. I decided to try making one with the 6 inch squares I'm trying to use up. I'm pretty happy with it. The center has been done for a while, and it just needed a couple borders. Now it's folded up in the quilt top cubby.

I think I've put borders on everything that needed them. I have a few quilts that need to be assembled, but the blocks are done. I may be starting on quilt assembly as leaders and enders while I work on some quilts with deadlines. I really need to find time to do lots of cutting, so everything is ready for the next few quilts. Three of the quilts I need to make require lots of fussy cutting, and that can take a while.

I also have several quilts in the works that require diagonal corners, either for Snowball blocks or Indian Hatchet blocks. If I get all of those ready to go, maybe I can get all the diagonal sewing done in a day, with another day to double sew so I can get bonus HST's. I'm running low on good leader/ender projects, so I need to do some thinking on that. I hate to waste any time, now that my sewing time is at such a premium.

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Kristie said...

A lovely top! Love those fabrics that you used.