Thursday, December 29, 2011


I should have listened to Lewis Carroll; "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get." I was trying to get caught up on the Orca Bay Mystery quilt, and instead I just fell further behind. I was happily stitching the first wing onto the HST's, and I had chain-stitched about 300 of them, when I realized my wings were flying in the wrong direction!

Here is a pic of one of my mistakes. Sewing one wrong would have been irritating, but look at all of these.

Good thing my girls put a new seam ripper in my stocking for Christmas, because I have lots of frogging to do, rippit, rippit.

I decided to start sewing the few I hadn't messed up this morning, before I faced all of that ripping. Miss S was super clingy to her Nana today, so I decided she could get her first quilting lesson. A few times I let her choose which triangle we would add on, but at 11 months her attention span only allowed for a few of those. She did love watching the sewing machine go, and was good about not putting her fingers near the needle. She was playing with my cell phone, and that helped keep her hands busy too. I actually managed to sew about three dozen with her on my lap, and I thought that was a great first time at the sewing machine.

I sewed up the non messed up ones, unsewed some mistakes, then sewed those up too. I have 150 keepers now, so I am progressing.

I just had to see what the next step was going to look like, so I pieced a couple from step 6. I can't wait until tomorrow when step 7 comes out.

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