Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thanks Mem!

My mother just made the twins these cute monkey hats and two sizes of mittens too. Don't they just look precious? I had told my mom we wanted to take the twins up the mountain to play in the snow, but I haven't been able to find mittens their size. She took care of that for us. The blue mittens Mr. L is wearing are the larger of the mittens, the other size fits much better, but he thought the big ones were funny.

Plans are changing rapidly around here. I talked to DS the Elder last night, and he booked me on a flight to Houston for this afternoon, so I can help with the new baby. I am more than happy to go love on a newborn, and the new mommy!

I talked to my mom this morning and I found out she may be having heart surgery the end of next week, so I packed a few extra things just in case I need to fly from Texas to Massachusetts. She needs to have a heart valve replaced, and it is quite urgent. Any prayers on her behalf are much appreciated.

I have been running around trying to get things settled here before I left, so I've been to the grocery store and done laundry today. I didn't have much time to pack, but I just took a trip the beginning of December, so I mostly just grabbed the same stuff. My Kindle is mostly charged, my phone is charged, and I have both chargers. If I forgot something, I'm sure I can get it there. I even stopped at the bank so I'd have more than the three dollars that were in my wallet!

I have to leave for the airport in about 90 minutes, and I think that will give me enough time to rip the rest of my 300 mistakes. I only have about 20 or 30 left to rip. DD#2 has been helping me every evening. I started working on step 7 yesterday, and I have one wing one each of the flying geese units. I won't be sewing until I get back, whenever that is, but I'm hoping to borrow DS the Elder's laptop long enough to check the layout of the mystery quilt tomorrow. I decided not to take my laptop this trip. I used to think laptops were so convenient, but when traveling, they can get pretty heavy. I'm starting to wish I had a tablet. Maybe someday.

If I don't post for a while I am just traveling where needed. I hope all of you have a Happy New Year!

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Mel and Joe said...

Prayers for Mem. We just got off the phone with her to wish her a Happy New Year, and she didn't mention the surgery. :( Keep us posted!