Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bibs, Bibs, Bibs

I am blessed and have lots of little ones in my life right now. One of the things little ones frequently need is bibs, and I really prefer the ones that slip over their heads made from hand towels. I know some people make them from finger towels, but I like the bigger ones, which help with bigger messes. I wanted to make some bibs for Miss E, and so I bought a bunch of towels on clearance and made several so I'd have a few extras.

 One of my mom's friends was kind enough to send me some western appliques, and they found a home on these bibs.

 I had a book panel with some bonus motifs on it, so they got used as well.

I finished cutting up my shirt haul from Flagstaff. I love how much less space the shirts take up once they are all cut apart. I have a nice supply of strings from collars and cuffs, so I will be able to start Fair and Square whenever I get a chance.

I got a fun surprise while cutting up the shirts. Check this tag out-

This tag was hidden on the inside of the button placket, where only the wearer would ever see it. I think I am going to use my seam ripper, take the tag off and sew it on one of my next shirt quilts.

That little tag has good advice, but not advice I took. I have used up most of the solids and blenders in my stash, and had been debating on what to do about it. I noticed on of the ebay sellers I have frequently purchased from had some lots of solids, blenders, and tone-on-tones up for auction. I bid on four lots, only the opening bid on each. I figured I'd be lucky to win one lot, since any other bid would outbid me. Evidently everyone was recovering from Memorial Day Weekend, because there were no other bids and I won all four lots. I have lots of quilting basics coming to fill out the holes in my stash, and make it much more workable. The best part? Including shipping, the fabric averaged just over $2 a yard. Now I need to stay off of ebay, and get some quilts made!