Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What a Week!

It has been quite a week around here! DS the Elder and DDIL's visit started out great, and finished with a thud! During the welcome dinner on Saturday night, DDIL fell down our stairs when going to get the baby, and hurt her knee pretty badly. DH took her to the Emergency Room, and they x-rayed it, said it was likely cartilage or ligament damage, gave her crutches and a knee immobilizer, and told her to see on orthopedic specialist when she got back to Houston. 

The situation was further complicated, because DS the Elder came down with something nasty, and he was vomiting for two days. They were supposed to leave on Sunday, but DS was too sick, and DDIL was having a hard time getting around, so they ended up staying until Tuesday. I felt so bad for them, and there was little I could do except take care of the baby for them, which I gladly did!

Yesterday after they were on the plane and safely on their way, just when I thought things were calming down, one of our dogs went missing. DH scoured the neighborhood looking for her with no luck. We prayed she would come home, and we went to bed with plans to look for her more today. Our prayers were answered at 6:30 this morning when the doorbell rang and a couple who walks at a local park a couple of miles away brought our dog home. I was shocked the dog had gone that far. I am so thankful to the couple who brought her home. She is a big dog, and some people would likely be frightened of her, not realizing what a gentle dog she is.

Today DH and I did a little shopping, and I bought a sewing machine trolley. I had a half off coupon plus my 10% VIP card, so it ended up being reasonable. We are supposed to be going away for a few days next week, and we are planning on him bringing his scooter and me bringing my sewing machine. During the days I can sew, and he can ride, and we will spend the evenings together. We've done this before and it was nice relaxing getaway for both of us. I can't say for sure any of this trip will happen, with all the stuff that keeps happening, but a few days away is the plan at any rate. I packed up three projects to take with me. One is the Double Delight Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter that I never finished. The other real project is a strip quilt project I stalled on, the strip sets are all sewn, but now they need to be sub-cut and re-sewn into blocks. The other thing I am bringing are two bags of bonus HST's that need to be trimmed to the same size so I can use then in something.

I am not used to sewing away from home, I've only done it once before, so I really stress about bringing everything I need. One thing that makes this a little easier this time is that I am bringing my Bernina 1080, and I know my 1/4" foot is accurate on it, so I shouldn't have any issues with seams being off. The last time I traveled with a sewing machine I brought the Brother, and I was afraid of variances in seam allowances, so I only made string blocks. I know I won't have enough time to finish these three projects, I just wanted a choice on what to work on. I got some Amazon gift cards for Mother's Day, and I bought new books for my Kindle, so I may spend more time reading than sewing, we'll see. The object will be to relax, and whichever I feel like doing each day is what I will do.

I still haven't found my camera, so here is another phone pic. My sewing stuff packed for the trip we are hoping will work out.

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Katie M. said...

Sorry to hear about the family medical issues... it sure can put a damper on a visit.
Getting away for some 'down' time - wonderful! I always take hand work with me whenever we go on a 'road trip'. I do most of the driving, but when I'm not driving, my hands are busy. Have safe travels....