Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am on my getaway with DH. We came up to northern AZ on Sunday, and we'll be going home Thursday. The drive up here was gorgeous, but I felt a bit sick on those windy mountain roads. It is faster to take the interstate, but we prefer the backroads when we are not in a hurry. 

Yesterday, Monday, we went to my favorite thrift store in the state, a Goodwill weigh and pay, where you pay for clothes and such by the pound. I bought a few cotton men's shirts for quilting, they didn't have many this time, and some clothes for people in the house. I'm on the hunt for a couple specific things, so we went to Savers as well. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I picked up a couple things there as well. Yesterday afternoon DH went on a scooter ride, while I worked on quilty things. This is my hotel set up

Our hotel room does have a desk chair, but honestly, the ottoman is more comfortable.

 I really want to finish my Double Delight mystery quilt this year, so this is one of the projects I brought with me. I am making a maple leaf border, but I hadn't cut out the maple leaf blocks, I just put the strips in the project box. I decided cutting those would be a good place to start, so I only cut yesterday. I also brought a couple other project requiring cutting, so I worked on one of those at the same time.

Today DH was planning a long ride, so I decided to lay out my Double Delight blocks with the intention of sewing the center together. There will be one more row added to the bottom, but it wouldn't fit on the bed. Our hotel bed is king sized, and our bed at home is only queen sized, so it should cover the center of our bed nicely, with the borders going down the side of the bed.

I started getting my sewing stuff out, and the first thing I realized I was missing, was the pole to hold the thread spool on my thread stand. I brought extra bobbins with me, so I figured all was well, and I'd just use bobbins top and bottom, and I wouldn't need the thread stand. I kept getting stuff out, when I realized I don't have the power cord to my sewing machine! I could have gotten frustrated, but I just laughed, and I was glad I had brought so many cutting projects!

Now my sewing stuff is put away, and my cutting stuff is back out. I was very careful when packing away the Double Delight blocks, and I kept them in rows separated by notebook paper, so it will stay ready to sew together when I get home. I'm still glad I brought it, because I didn't have a good place to lay it out at home.

I finished the cutting on one of my projects, it is a project when you sew together strip sets and then cut the strips sets into triangles. There are a  few stitches on the top of each triangle that must be taken out, and I am about halfway done with the ripping. That project should be ready to sew when I get back home too.

I had extra strips after cutting out the maple leaf blocks I need for my Double Delight border, and I think I will go ahead and cut those up into maple leaf blocks as well. I have six wildlife panels at home that I am planning to use for charity quilts, and maple leaf blocks will go nicely with them. I need to add several blocks to each panel to make them large enough for adult quilts.

I also have my bonus HST's to trim down to the same size. They are just shy of 2", so I will trim them to 1.75" and they will finish at 1.25".

There are plenty of things to keep me busy, even if I did forget some key items. I did remember extra rotary blades, and the rulers I needed, so it's all good! I have my laptop and my kindle, so even if DH is gone most of today, I'm good. We haven't decided what to do tomorrow. We are debating going to the petrified forest, but it will make for a long day in the car, and since we are leaving the next day, I don't know if I want to do two long driving days in a row. One thing we have definitely taken advantage of is the hotel hot tub! That is on our list for every day, everything else we are just winging it!


Katie M. said...

Sounds like something I'd do (well, truth be known -have done). It's good to have the cutting things to do.... I'd probably get more done if I took the time to get the cutting part done - but I tend to get bored with cutting and the project gets put aside.....

Stephanie Newman said...

How gorgeous is your Double Delight going to be? My finished top is waiting in a pile of tops for me to get to quilting, lol...
Sorry you forgot your power cord. Funnily enough I had thought in an email to remind you to pack it, but then didn't as I thought "of course she'll pack the cord!" ROTFL. You're not the only person who's done it :)