Friday, June 5, 2009

Another string quilt top

   Here is my latest quilt top. For this one I used all darker strings. I like this look better than the first one of these I made. 

    I have only been able to quilt in short stints, because of so much going on with DD#3's wedding coming up and such. I have several non-quilting projects I really need to start, so after I finish up one more top, it's onto other projects for a while. If I really feel the need to do something quilty, I could always work on quilting some of these tops on my frame. I've really been longing for the ability to have two machines always set up, one with a neutral cotton thread for piecing, and one with whatever thread I need for non quilt projects. That way, even if I was working on a garment with poly thread, I could still steal 15 minutes a day to do some quick piecing on the other machine loaded with cotton thread. I just think a set-up like that would be ideal! Of course, I already have a huge quilting frame in my living room, and a devoted room for sewing, so I am already blessed. I guess I just always want more. For years I sewed on the kitchen table, and what I have now is so much better than that! I should just be content, and most of the time, I am. At times like these when so many projects are in the works, I get a little crazy, and need my quilting fix.


Kristie said...

That turned out wonderful! Love all of the scraps!

Stephanie Newman said...

If you do want a second machine for other projects why not look into some of the great old reliable machines of a vintage sort, such as the Singers from the 200-400 series?
They have some really good machines in that range and they won't break the bank, just be sure to check out the wiring behind the motor as well as the socket end of the machine.
Or a second hand newer machine if vintage is not your style?
Its so efficient to have a couple of machines working and can make really good use of your time.

Steel Scraps said...

Awesome string quilt! Isn't it amazing how such small strips can be put together to make something so beautiful. Pat L in NY