Friday, June 26, 2009

Two shirts and tension frustrations

Here are the two shirts I finished today for DD#3. She loves all things Japanese or Asian in nature, so I'm using a lot of Asian fabrics for her clothes. I doubt you can tell unless you click on the picture to make it bigger, but the black top has colorful Kanji (Asian writing) on it.

I didn't have a black zipper the right size, and I didn't want to go buy one, so I used gray. It is an invisible zipper, and the fabric in the back overlaps, so I doubt anyone will be able to tell. I haven't put in that many zippers, so I had to dig out my sewing machine manual to refresh my memory! I should be putting in a lot more zippers. I bought a lot of 100 zippers on ebay for $20 a while back. They were all new, but different sizes and colors. I used several at Christmastime making skirts for DD#2, and now I used two more. If I had only bought the zippers I've already used, but bought them at the store, I would probably have spent $20 by now, so I figure the zippers I have left were free.

Today is Friday, and I promised myself to work on my quilt that's been on the frame for a while now. After three frustrating hours, in which I got the tension greatly improved, but not perfect, I decided to give quilting the quilt another try. The tension was pretty good on my sample piece, but when I tried to do the quilt, it looped on the back every three inches or so. I was so frustrated after working so hard to fix the problem, that I just unloaded the quilt. I think the backing fabric may have some polyester in it, and the top is flannel. They are just not playing well together at all. After I rip out my latest attempt at quilting this, I'm just going to pin baste it and quilt it on my DSM. It's only a baby quilt, so it won't take long to do some simple quilting on it. Next Friday I'll try a different quilt on the frame, one that is just all regular cottons.

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Bonnie said...

Melodie: Some times ya just have to do it differently than what you planned. Oh well. And, you'll have it done in no time -- baby quilts are fast and fun. Bonnie in the Poconos