Monday, June 15, 2009

Seat covers

This is DH's scooter. I made him one seat cover a while back, and he wore it out. I just finished four more, so now he should be good to go for a while. He loves cows, so this seat cover is his favorite. One of the other ones is a tan snakeskin, and there are two sheepskin type covers.

Since I got the seat covers done, I worked on string blocks last night. I actually ran out of shirt strings! That was my goal. I don't mind letting the blocks sit there until I have time to work with them, but I wanted to get the mess of having the shirt strings divided into darks and lights out of my way, without getting them all mixed up again or having to iron them all again. Best way to do that was to make blocks. I still have some pieces for crumb blocks, but they all fit in a plastic container, so I'm happy with my progress on that.
Today's goal is to get some garments for DD#3 cut out. I have quite a few things set aside to make her, and I'd like to do as many as possible before the wedding; kind of like a homemade trousseau, but all casual clothes. I'm trying to set daily goals, and if I get that done, then I'm allowing myself some time to work on my projects. Playtime if my work is done mentality. I have some luggage tags I need to get made too. I have had so many people ask me if I'm bored at home, and I just laugh! I can't find time to do all I want to work on now, I am NEVER bored!


Bonnie said...

Love the seat cover! I was doing boat slings this past weekend. Used decorator fabric so it should be stonger.

Your string quilts are awesome. Nice job on them. Do you quilt on a mid arm/long arm? I like the idea of quilting once a week while most of the week is saved for piecing (and heaven forbid, cleaning house or shopping for groceries!) B.

Howard said...

I love my seat cover! It's awesone and is quite an attention getter.