Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I meant to post this quite a while back, but, ah, life gets in the way sometimes. Since the only sewing type thing I've done the past few days is cutting out garments, which makes for lousy posts, this is a good time.
When my DH went to Ecuador, he brought me home 25 roses, one for each year we've been married. I had no idea Ecuador was the world's leading exporter of roses.

The colors were just incredible!

The funny thing about being obsessed with a hobby, is that the people around you start to notice things relating to your hobby as well. For instance, I spotted the first scooter in Hawaii, even though I joke my husband has "scooter vision". Well, in Ecuador, DH took a few pictures for me.

The floor in his hotel. This would make a fun quilt!

A quilt hanging out to dry. Of course, I also noticed the great pattern on the bottom of the plastic table. I may get out some graph paper one of these days and figure that layout for a quilt.

Check out the doors. If you skip the center circle, you've got a square in a square on point, with rail blocks cut diagonally around that. This would be so doable in a quilt!

I was glad I knew for sure he was thinking of me while he was gone. Vacations just aren't the same as a quilter, or as a quilter's spouse I guess. You just start seeing patterns everywhere!

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