Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm finished the kilt/skirts for DD#3. She already had two, a red plaid and a tan plaid, and now she has four more! The sparkly blue camo is definitely not Scottish, and the bright green Celtic knot fabric works OK, I guess. They are cute skirts for her at any rate. The blue camo is denim, and believe it or not, I got it at a thrift store for about $4! I have enough left to make a couple of grocery totes, and some scraps to put into a denim quilt. I definitely got my money's worth out of it.

It's a funny thing about making garments. I have a horrible time trying to motivate myself to do it, but I'm always so surprised at how fast it goes. Of course, these were not that hard. The most difficult thing was simply cutting them out because of how long the fabric is.When you have five yards of length, and the kitchen table is only six feet, well, cutting these out is an adventure!
Tomorrow there are some errands that need to be done. DH has the next six days off, so I don't know how much sewing I'll do. If I get a chance to do anything sewing related tomorrow, I'll either be cutting out more garments, or machine quilting with my Juki on the frame. I picked Fridays for machine quilting, TGIF, Thank God it's Frame-day. I've already got a quilt loaded on the frame, but I was having tension issues on this one, so I've been procrastinating. I left it there for a couple weeks, and it hasn't quilted itself, so I suppose I should give it another try =)

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