Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Carolina Christmas update

Yesterday I sewed all day long, and got my blocks together for my mystery quilt, Carolina Christmas. The final layout is available now, and it is stunning! I'll be waiting to assemble mine, in an effort to get some Christmas-y things done. My quilt looks quite a bit different than Bonnie's because the colors are different, but if this comes out half as nice as hers, I'll be thrilled!

Here are my block 1 blocks.

And here are some of block 2. I think the optional pieced border comes out this weekend sometime, so when I see it I'll decide what I want to do for borders. The quilt is pretty busy as is, so without having seen the borders Bonnie designed, I'm leaning towards plain borders. On the other hand, this quilt went in a completely different direction than I was guessing, and If I like the pieced borders as much as I like the rest of the quilt, I may do them after all!

Today's list? I already cut out 12 pairs of pajama pants, and now it's onto baking! I have two types of cookie dough made and chilling, and I'm just taking a break before I make more. I usually make six or so types of cookies for Christmas. Some go to work with various people, and others are eaten by us or any company that comes over. I'm not making as many cookies this year, but I am keeping the variety. This is very late in the month for me to be doing this. I usually do a lot of baking the first week of December and freeze everything. This has been a very busy month though, so I'm glad I found time to do it all.

Tomorrow will be more baking, and company coming over for dinner, then Thursday and Friday are my last sewing days before our family Christmas on Sunday. I'm hoping to get all the pajama pants I cut out today finished before then, but if not, oh well, they will get them sooner or later :-)


Kristie said...

You are soooooo busy!! I love how your blocks are turning out! Can't wait to see them all sewn into a top. I am still on step 5, just have so many customer quilts to finish before Christmas!

Stephanie Newman said...

Such pretty blocks, I love the pastel pinks and blue colourway. Also I am trying to figure out how you sewed so many blocks in a day! Did you pin your intersections or just fly by the seat of your pants and let them fall where they may?

Melodie said...

No pinning, Stephanie, I just go for it! I nestled the seams together and that helped, but if a few are off, I just don't stress about it.

Candace said...

I love your colors, can't wait to see yours finished. I'm still working on step 5. Sounds like you get lots done. Merry Christmas