Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Fat Quarters

We did our family Christmas yesterday, and I got 18 fat quarters as Christmas gifts. Since I am on no-buy getting some new fabric was very nice. I am not worried about the addition to stash, since I figured out I've used 65 yards of fabric on garments since Thanksgiving, plus made a 63x85 quilt from start to finish in the same time period. I think I'm either close to or just over 300 yards used for the year. I emptied 5 bolts of fabric this year, and that was exciting!

I did get all 12 pairs of pajama pants done before we opened gifts. I was happy to get that done. I am taking a couple days off of sewing, after running myself ragged for the last month. If I do any sewing this week, it will probably either be some mending or some mindless sewing like string blocks. Next week is soon enough to get back on the fast track on projects. The time off is my Christmas gift to myself.

In case I don't post in the next few days, have a very Merry Christmas!


Quiltsmiles said...

Hi Melodie,
Merry Christmas. Nice htat you got those FQ esp with being on the SB No Buy Challenge. You had posted there an interest in ideas with reorganizing your sewing space. With open shelving, go ahead and use the plastic shoe boexes and stuff, just make a quilted wall hanging the size of the shelving unit and make it into a curtain. Either a roman shade type or one you can easily slide out of the way to get to your shelves. Decorative and inspiring in your sewing space yet stillutilizing the containers you already have.

Stephanie Newman said...

Melodie, what delicious fat quarters, some lovely Kaffe in there too I see!
I'm trying to organise threads at the moment- think plastic containers the right height for a single layer of spools, and then enough to organise by fibre type and colour. Right now I'm using old tins, cardboard shoe boxes and other make shift storage none of which works well. OR, better yet I'd love clear or transparent drawers for threads, on wheels- what luxury!