Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Holidays can be a little odd around here. DH ends up working most holidays, in fact, I can't remember the last time he had Christmas off. We had our family Christmas on Sunday morning, with a breakfast feast, which was great. Last night, Christmas Eve, I did a finger food buffet, and people came over as they could. It was a relaxed, fun thing.

This morning DH and I slept in a bit, since the last two days he was getting up at 4:30 AM but today he was working noon - midnight. I made the two of us omelets for breakfast, then DS the Elder came over and woke up DS the Younger, and DD#3, and DSIL showed up. DH had to be off to work so the five of us went to the movies to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. The kids liked it better than I did, but it was pretty good. I think I may have liked it better if I hadn't seen it on Christmas, it just wasn't Christmas friendly to me. DD#3 and DSIL headed home after the movie so they could sleep since DSIL works nights and hadn't slept since he had gotten off of work.

My boys and I came home, ate some leftovers from last night, and decided to go see another movie. DS the younger still hadn't seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and since it was at the cheap seats, we decided to go see it. I read that book to my kids all the time when they were young. It was the second time for DS the Elder and I to see it, but we both enjoyed seeing it again. DS the Younger told me within the first two minutes he was going to like the movie, and he did.

I wasn't too motivated when we got home, but I wanted to do something, so I made a few string blocks.

Making some string blocks didn't make the pile of strings go down at all, it made it bigger! I had the strings so tightly packed into the container they were in that as I used them, they kept expanding, so now the pile looks much larger. These string blocks will finish at 6".

I have lots more to make, but they are just an ongoing project and when I have enough I'll make a quilt out of them. I have seen lots of one or two color string quilts lately, and I like those. I was debating on dividing my strings by color and starting some color controlled tops. Obviously, I didn't do that yet. I am separating out the lightest strings, because I have a separate project I want to use those in, but I am still using everything else in these.

I also made my first crumb blocks ever! I just did two to see how I liked them. The picture didn't come out very well, but they are pretty cute, and I like the idea of someday having enough to make a quilt. I don't know if I'll ever take to these like I did to string quilts, only time will tell.

I'm planning on taking down the Christmas decorations this weekend (they've been up since before Thanksgiving), and maybe next week I'll get back to some projects with deadlines, or not :-)

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