Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Is everyone ready for 2010? I have a feeling it is going to be another busy year, as 2009 was for me. I suppose most people get that end of the year evaluation thing going, and I am no different. I think in some areas I had a win in 2009, and in others, I didn't do so great.

I started 2009 with no UFO's, and, unfortunately, I am ending with several of them. I have 8 quilts started this year that I have not completed. Two of those have all the blocks completed and just need assembly. One just needs quilting and binding.The others are in various stages of production, including one that is only cut out. I also have 6 or 7 garments cut out and not sewn. Three of my unfinished quilts were mystery quilts, although I did do a a fourth mystery this year that I finished. That's not such a good track record with getting my mystery quilts completed.

I had a few other projects started that I am getting done just in time to count them for 2009. I had 7 more burp rags that needed to be finished, and I got them completed yesterday. I have one cherry pit pad left to stuff, and I should manage to finish it today.

I've still been working on string blocks. I switched to working on 8 1/2 inch blocks, so I could use my larger strings first. I like the Care Bears peeking out on this one. I've made about 30 string blocks in the last week.

This is my split nine patch project. I need 112 split nine patches, and I have 51 done. I also needed 8 all light patches and I finished those. I've been making 10 a day, then working on other things. Hopefully by the end of next week, this one will be ready for assembly. I need to get it together before I decide on borders.

I am rearranging my sewing supplies, trying to come up with some more attractive storage. I went to a thrift store this week, and hit the motherload on glass canisters. These glass canisters look much better than the plastic storage containers I was using before. I didn't throw the old containers away, I'm just using them in different rooms.

On January 1, 2009, I grabbed a container and decided to start throwing empty spools in it. These are the spools I emptied this year. I don't know how accurate the yardage is on how much thread I use in a year. Some of these spools had already been started in previous years, and of course I've started other spools that I haven't emptied yet. About midyear I started piecing with 5000 yard spools, and I have one of those about 3/4 gone, but not empty so it's not in my count. I wanted a guesstimate at least, so I added it up, and these spools represent 9,382 yards of thread, or 5.33 miles.

I did make 21 quilts from start to finish in 2009. So all together I had 29 starts, and 21 finishes. I made lots of garments in 2009, but I completely lost count on those. I got lost on my yardage usage and buying. I think I am just over 300 yards used for the year, but I bought more than that, so I am at a gain. I'm OK with that, and I'm two months into the no-buy challenge and doing good so far.

My goal the last two years has been to make 12 donation quilts per year. I still haven't made it. In 2008 I donated 7 quilts, and this year I donated 9. I'm getting closer. It seems I always find someone who needs a quilt before I get them dropped off, so I end up planning on donating them, and giving them away to someone else first.

I've been thinking about my 2010 goals, and at first my list was way too long, so I think I've shortened it enough to be possible, but not easy.

1. Finish all my 2009 starts, with possibly the exception of Perkiomen Daydream, which is my longterm project.

2. Keep a quilt! I still haven't done that, and one of my UFO's is for our bed, so if I do goal number one, I should be able to do this one.

3. Make 12 donation quilts, using my scrap user system or orphan blocks. A sub-goal of this is to cut up my scraps as I make room in my scrap drawers. I got stalled on sorting my scraps because my drawers are full, and I'm not buying any more plastic drawers.

Those are what I decided would be my main goals for 2010. I had thought of a bunch of others, such as busting my flannel stash (I love the feel of flannel, but don't really like working with it for quilts), using up the denim squares I've cut from worn jeans over the years, using up all of my preprinted panels, and a bunch of other things, but when I started thinking about how long each of those projects would take, I decided to shorten my list, and try to be a bit more realistic. Besides, if I finish the 8 starts I haven't finished, and manage to make 12 donation quilts, that will be 20 quilts, which is only one less than I finished this year. That's still a lot of sewing, and plenty to keep me busy. I have a couple of WHIMMS I'd like to start in 2010, and there are always weddings and babies to make quilts for.

Yes, I do believe 2010 is going to be a busy year!

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JJ said...

I love all the quilts you've made and someone will get a lovely quilt from the new strings you're making. I'll stop by again.,
Hugs Jan Mac