Monday, December 7, 2009

More of the Mystery quilt

I finished steps three and four and four of the mystery now. These are seriously scrappy! For my neutral I am using ANYTHING with a white background. I am ignoring all designs, and only looking at background color. I am anxious to see how this comes out, because this one is way out there.

Here is step three. These units were easy for me, since I had just made a bunch of them for DD#3's wedding quilt border. No mirror images this time, which made them even easier!

Here is step 4. Bonnie called it a Broken Dishes block, and I had to look it up, because the block I know as Broken Dishes isn't this one, though it's similar. I learned that both blocks, this one and the one I was thinking of both go by the name Broken Dishes. Usually I find one block that goes by multiple names, this one was one name with two different blocks.

DH helped me out with this block. After I got all the HST's sewn to a neutral square, I gave the piles to DH as he watching Monday night football. I told him to sort them into pairs, and have no matching fabrics in each pair. I only had to rematch three pairs, which I thought was very good considering the Green Bay Packers were playing, and DH loves them. He really saved me a lot of time by doing that.

I just printed out step 5, but I don't know when I'll get to it. I found out about someone who really needs some comfort right now, so I started another quilt to be finished ASAP. I chose a simple pattern, and I'm using precut pieces (so glad I've been organizing my scraps!) to make it go faster. The blocks are all laid out on my design wall, to be assembled tomorrow. All of my Christmas ideas are on hold, some indefinitely. This comfort quilt is my #1 priority right now in the sewing room. If I get it finished in time to make a few gifts great, if not, oh well, there are always gift cards!

Today we ran a bunch of errands, mailed packages, and hopefully did the last of the Christmas shopping. Tomorrow should be the day my washing machine is fixed. The repairman came last week but he had to order parts. It's been broken almost two weeks, and if it's not fixed tomorrow, I will have to go to the laundromat. I've already been washing some things by hand, but now so much is dirty I can't catch up handwashing. Wednesday is DS the Younger's birthday, and then Thursday is shopping with DD#2 and DD#3.

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