Sunday, July 11, 2010

Looney Toons Bonus

I didn't think I'd get this assembled today, though I did make all the double 4 patches while assembling the Hawaiian quilt. I was looking around my sewing room, while thinking about what I needed to move so I could pack up my Bernina for a spa treatment (routine cleaning and oiling). I decided it wouldn't take me long to assemble this since there are only 20 blocks, so here it is! Now I have another quilt top ready for my quilting marathon.

The Looney Toon big blocks are scraps from making all of the rally bags for DH's scooter rally. I had 10- 8 1/2" blocks, which is not a size square I save, so I wanted to get them used pretty quickly. I think I might have some 6 1/2" blocks as well, but I save that size anyway, so I'm in no hurry to use those.

I was playing with my Quilt Wizard computer program the other day looking for an alternating block for the large Bugs and Taz blocks. I really liked the double four patch with this unusual coloring option. It was quick too, so great for anytime you need a quick quilt.


Candace said...

Very cute!

Lynn said...

Cute and a great way to use theme fabric.