Sunday, July 18, 2010

My First Meandering!

Here is my first attempt at meandering. I'm actually pretty happy with it. I ended up having to trim up the edges because my batting was a little short, but that's OK. I just did straight line quilting in the center because I had no idea how free-motion quilting would work over the rick rack. I treated both borders as one, and just meandered through them both.

I think it's actually easier to see the quilting on the back, so here is a back view. I haven't been able to meander on paper without backing myself into a corner. Somehow it was easier when I was sewing. I'm hoping I get better, but for my first attempt, I think it will pass. Now I have three quilt tops quilted and ready to bind.

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Candace said...

It looks really nice to me. I have done a few quilts now, and I'm not sure if I'm getting any better or not. I've always known that I didn't get much artistic talent, but I am thinking now that I'm not even a real good scribbler, lol. You did great.