Thursday, September 15, 2011

All in a Day's Work

Our five room re-arrange is underway! DD#3 is out of her old room, and into her new room. Her new room is painted, but the wall decal we ordered for it hasn't arrived yet, and I just ordered her curtains and comforter today. Eventually I will probably make her a quilt to go with that room, but for right now, I found a good deal on a set she liked.

DH and DD#2 were painting DD#2's new room today. They should be finished painting it tomorrow, and she picked a wallpaper border that needs to be hung before things get moved into that room.

Yesterday, DS the Younger and DH moved my sewing cabinets out of my sewing room, and moved the cribs upstairs. Since the twins don't stand up yet, they can't get into too much during the short time they will be sharing my old sewing room.

This is where the cribs were this morning. Notice all my fabrics still under the window, and sewing stuff on the hanging shelves.

My work bench is piled high with in progress projects and some scraps I haven't dealt with yet.

This is what was the twins nursery, and right now I am just piling my sewing stuff in here. This room is not where my sewing room will be.

I am trying to be careful which order I put things in this little room, since I will have to move it all again. I need to make sure I am loading in first what I need to move last into the new sewing room. The funny thing is, 4 1/2 years ago when I got my first ever sewing room, this room was it and everything fit. Back then I had one sewing machine, no sewing cabinets, and far less stash than I have now. I started quilting in earnest while I was in this room, but my collection of rulers, and such didn't accumulate until I was in the next sewing room.

This is how I left things this afternoon. You probably can't tell, but the pile on my workbench is a little smaller now. Everything of mine is out from under the window. That blue hamper has baby things in it.

I got all of my things off of the hanging shelves, and put some of the twins things on there. I am sure DD#3 will have it all looking cute later, but right now it is just a matter of getting it all moved. The basket and bag are baby items, and really, this is all the twins had in their old room. I have a set of plastic drawers with their clothes in the living room, which is where we usually change the babies.

The downstairs room is really filling up. I'm not sure I can move much more before the family room is empty. The built in cubbies still have the twins toys, and the twins curtains ares still up down here. We'll change all of that later.

I have a little more room on this side twins old room. I may move my plastic drawers and stack them in here, or try to get more stuff off of my workbench, so it is ready to move when the family room is empty.

Tomorrow I am babysitting, which I am happy about. It will give me a day I have no time to move anything, but I can consider what to do next. We will be going out of town in a couple of weeks, and I would really like to have things settled before we go. Some things I can only move once the new sewing room is empty and ready to move into. My Ikea shelves with glass doors, I don't want to risk moving twice. The shelves are sturdy, but I don't want to risk the glass breaking, so they will only get moved when the spot they are going to is empty.

I said I would try to show the progress of the changing of the sewing room, so now you can at least see what got done today. I can only work while the twins are awake, but even still, I think I got a day's work in.

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