Monday, September 12, 2011

The Very Beginning of my Quilting

Our house has three levels, and I haven't spent much time in the lowest level in quite a while. Today I went down there, and noticed these three things hanging on the wall.

I made these three plastic canvas quilts years ago, when my kids were very young. I have always loved quilts, and I so wanted to learn how to make one. When my kids were tiny I bought a couple of quilting books, and I would pore over them. The thing was, we were beyond broke in those days. I did buy fabric, and I did sew, but it was all the kids clothes, and some of mine. When you have five kids in six years like I did, the kids take most of your time, and any time the kids were napping I was usually doing housework, sewing their clothes, and later on homeschooling. I just didn't feel like I had the time to quilt.

Since I wanted to quilt so badly, but I couldn't afford the supplies, I made these plastic canvas quilts to remind me that that was my goal someday, to make real quilts. I almost tossed these several times, but somehow, they made it through all the purging, and they have hung in five different houses. I make real quilts now, and I've made a ribbon quilt like the center, and star quilts like the one on the right. I have never made one like the one on the left. Perhaps I should. Maybe I needed a reminder today, of how far I've come.

I managed to get the baby quilt I was quilting finished. I stayed up late last night to finish the quilting, and sewed on the binding today. I feel a bit better about moving the sewing room, now that this is done.

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