Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In a Week's Time

It's been almost a week since my last post, and most of my house looks worse than it did then. The thing about doing a major rearrange, is things get put in piles to be donated, some things are deemed beyond repair and go in the trash, and some things get put aside to be sold or passed on to someone. I have piles and piles of stuff all over the house!

We are also repurposing several things. When DS the Elder moved to Texas, he left a few things here, some on purpose, some by accident. Some of the things he left on purpose are now going to be used in one room or another. DD#2 described a small set of drawers she wanted for her new room, and I pointed a nightstand I had been using as an end table in the living room. It was just what she wanted, so I need to try to empty that tomorrow so she can use it. We've done some switching of who has which bed, and only had to buy one new bed in the process. We are trying to buy as little as is reasonable, but when we need a key piece we will get it.

Here is the wall in the old sewing room/new nursery that used to have my wall of fabric and my workbench. The fabric stacked here should be moved tomorrow, and I think DH already moved that box downstairs for me, but if not, it will be moved tomorrow too. My pegboards are still up on the wall opposite this one, but I need to get all the furniture situated before I can see where to hang the pegboard in the new room. The closet is still full of sewing supplies. I doubt the closet will be cleaned out before our trip to Missouri next week.

Here is what will be the new sewing room. This room is much larger than the old one, if you look at the pics of the fabric shelves in the old room, you can see the size difference. when we get back from Missouri, DH and I will go up to Phoenix to visit my sisters, and go to the Ikea store and buy some more shelving with glass doors. I think this room will be my sewing room for a long while, so I would like to add some shelving now.

Most of the things in this photo will not be in my sewing room. We are still moving things out of this room.

This is a really lousy picture, (I took three different pics, but they all come out this weird yellow) but this is the wall opposite the one in the last photo. Since this room has no closet, DD#2 had purchased a wardrobe. She has a walk-in closet in her new room, so I am keeping the wardrobe in here, and I will store my rolls of batting and some other supplies in there. My workbench had to come apart a bit to get down the stairs, but hopefully it will be put back together tomorrow. I love the pegboard backing on the workbench, and the light bar and upper shelf are really handy. You can see the top to my workbench on top of the bed in the last photo.

So, that is pretty much where I am at in moving my sewing room. I am hoping to get a lot done in the next four days, after that I will have to wait almost two weeks before I will have any time to work on it. I had picked out a couple of paint possibilities for this room, one tan, one purple, and I was debating on which to choose. Right now the room is light gray, which we painted when we first moved here over 8 years ago. It could use a fresh coat of paint, but the walls would have taken 2 gallons and the ceiling one gallon, and I decided not enough of the walls are going to show to warrant paying for the paint. I am putting tall storage all around the room, and them putting the sewing machine cabinets in the center. There will really not be much wall showing at all, and the ceiling isn't that bad, but it would have looked worse next to fresh paint, and therefore would have needed to be painted. This saves us money and time, and once everything is set up in here, I doubt I'll ever look at the walls.

DD#3's room is almost done. She just needs to hang her new curtains and we are waiting for a wall decal. As soon as I get the pegboard out of the twins room, we can do some paint touch-up and get their room settled. DD#2 is still waiting for some bookshelves to be assembled, and is still working out the decorative items in her new room. Most of her room is functional now. I have the most work to do at this point, getting the sewing room set up, and then turning the former nursery into a small guest room. Did I mention I have a cold and can't breathe right now? It's all fun and games here, to be sure. It's going to work so much better when it's all done, I know that, I will just be glad when it is done.

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