Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The New Sewing Room

The new sewing room is far from being done, but it is coming along. I have had a terrible cold and little motivation, so progress isn't being made as quickly as I'd like. I won't be working on it anymore until after our trip to Missouri. This is where it is at now.

This is looking into the room from the doorway. To the right is a wall I cannot use, since some of my daughter's bookshelves for her Amazon bookstore are there. Straight ahead is a cabinet in which I used to store my fabric for making scrubs. This cabinet never was in the last sewing room, but will be in this one. What will be stored in it is still to be determined. The space between my fabric shelves and the big white cabinet will soon be filled with more fabric shelves. After our trip DH and I will be driving to Phoenix and going to Ikea to get more shelves.

Looking farther right, you can see one of my sweet dogs, Bianca, who insisted on being in the photos, she is my sewing buddy :-) My other dog, Kate, could care less about staying with me when I sew, and only comes in when there is a thunderstorm. The cabinet with my Juki is now completely open, which I love, and I am using an old microwave cart to further increase the size of the cabinet so I can support large quilts when quilting. I am sticking storage pieces under the leaves of the open sewing cabinet. You can see my fabric shelves in this photo, and the multimedia shelves with my smaller minibolts on them. I plan on repurposing the black set of multimedia shelves, and buying another of the larger set. I tried to pick up a set this week, but the Big Lots I went to was out of them. They still carry them, though it is questionable if I can get them in the same color. Since not much matches in my sewing room, and I am unconcerned about color, and I will get a set when they come in.

Here is the final wall of the new sewing room. The large wardrobe in the corner will hopefully store much of what is in the old sewing room closet. It should easily hold my rolls of batting, and quite a bit of the other things from the closet. Those plastic drawers stacked high hold my scrap user system, which I really use. I go to my scrap drawers first when making most patterns. The workbench is not as messy as it was in the old room, but it is not quite settled either. I am hoping DH will mount a piece of pegboard on the end. so I can hang my rulers a bit more spread out than they are now. I didn't take a photo of it, but there is a very small hallway behind this room, and that is probably where I will iron. There is an outlet high in the wall on a wall just long enough for my ironing board. I have very little wall space in this new room, because I am going for storage. I have lots of tall storage pieces, and will have no open wall areas once the new shelves are purchased. I think this is a decent trade off. I did manage to get my three favorite thread racks up, but I can't hang up my other two thread racks on the wall. One of them is still being used, I put a hanger inside my Juki cabinet and it's hanging there. The other thread rack I am giving to a friend.

This is how much of my stuff is still in the little room that all my sewing stuff was crammed into. I think I'm doing pretty well getting things sorted out, especially considering I've been really busy and sick to boot! Some of these things are current projects that just need to be finished. I never finished making bibs for the twins, and these are there, plus my Christmas stocking project. If I can finish these up soon, I don't have to find a place to store them in the sewing room. Wouldn't that be great!

Tomorrow I pack, and write out the directions for the person who is housesitting/dogsitting for us. We leave Thursday, and I am going to be unplugged from the internet! I usually bring my laptop, but I don't want to bother with it. I won't post again until we are back from our whirlwind five day trip, which is pretty short to go to two weddings, see lots of family and friends, and try to see a few things, like drive by our old house.

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Kristie said...

Wow! It looks wonderful!! Enjoy your trip!