Friday, September 23, 2011

Back From the LAQ

Things have been so crazy around here, I haven't been able to get pics of the quilts back from the LAQ. DD#2&3 took the twins and the quilts to the park today, and took pics of all of them while I worked on my sewing room. They didn't know the colors would look better if the photos were taken in the shade, so know these quilts look a little washed out, since they are in full sun.

Here is the star log cabin quilt. It's been folded up squished into a suitcase, those wrinkles really will come out. It's a funny thing about perspective, this quilt is really square, and it looks rectangular in this photo.

Here is RRCB finished. I really struggled over what fabric to use for binding. I finally just opted for one of the many blues present in the string blocks.

Here are the twins in the grass for the first time. Our yard has no grass, and it is just now cooling off enough to venture outside.

Mr. L was not fond of grass at all, so they ended up sitting him on one of the quilts.

Miss S thought grass was interesting, but not as interesting as the stick she found and tried to eat.

I am finally making some serious progress on the new sewing room. I think I will be able to get to where I wanted it to be before our trip. I will still have lots to do when we get back, because I'll be getting more shelves from Ikea, and DH will be cutting more corrugated plastic to make more minibolts. I think with the new shelves, I will have enough room for all of my fabric to be on minibolts, which is great because it it so much easier to use what I have when I can see it. I'll take some new pics of the sewing room sometime this weekend and post them.


skye said...

Oh, thank you so much for the directions for the star in a cabin block! That is a beautiful quilt, & definitely "going on the list"!
And I simply adore your color choices for RRCB. Gorgeous! Congratulations.

lynne said...

beautiful mel!!! absolutely LOVE this!