Thursday, April 5, 2012

Black Blocks

Gee, was I supposed to be working on applique today? I didn't. I did get the black blocks together for the pink/black beast. I also worked on that pieced border for the rally quilt.

This is four stacks of blocks, not just one block. Can you tell which quilt my heart is in right now? I keep saying I'll put the pink/black beast aside, but I haven't. Now if I can just get the 100 blocks assembled, cut the outer borders and add them, and piece the backing, then it can get sent off to the LAQ. When will that be? Who knows? ;-)

I ordered a few quilty things today. I found some WOW fabrics on sale, and I had a 20% off coupon to use on top of that, and since I have used all the WOW fabrics from my stash, now was a good time to buy. I also bought another Ott Lite. I had a floor lamp in my sewing room a while ago, but DS the Younger needed a lamp so he ended up with it. I have an Ott desk lamp on my sewing cabinet, but it keeps getting in my way. We are turning the small room next to my sewing room into a home office for now, and DH could use a desk lamp. I had an AHA! moment, and ordered the Ott floor lamp for the sewing room, and I will give DH the desk lamp. The best part? The Ott lamps were on sale for half price and my 20% off coupon worked for it too! Yes, I spent some money, but I got some amazing deals, and I will use everything I bought. I can never keep WOW or creams in my stash very long. For that matter, I'm using a lot of black lately too, it's those neutral background colors you can never have too much of.

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Teresa in Music City said...

I'm really loving your black & pink creation there! Can't wait to see the finish!