Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Pink/Black Beast is a Top!

Here is the pink/black beast quilt top. I'm sending it out for quilting, hopefully I will do that tomorrow. This monster is 110" square, (I'm sure it will be a little smaller after quilting) so DS the Elder and DDIL will hopefully have plenty of covers to spare. I know DH and I fight over covers no matter how big the quilt is ;-)

The backing is the same as the border fabric, which is kind of funny since I did the same thing on Orca Bay. I don't normally match up backings with borders, but I guess it will make it easy for the LAQ since I'm sending both at once.

Now to decide which project is my main one. I have two quilts in assembly stage, and that huge pile of quilt tops to be quilted (including the 3 baby quilts I need quickly), and I want to make the twins a couple outfits. I think I'll work on pinbasting the baby quilts this evening, and tomorrow I can decide from there.


lynne said...

that is GORGEOUS!!!!! where oh where did you get the pattern? absolutely fantastic, and the colors are just wonderful too. great wedding quilt! i just finished piecing another trinity knot. this time using deborah's new pattern using strips. easier in some ways, but more time consuming on the organization part i thought. still, a gorgeous pattern and can see why you gave her the award ;o)

this one i did was for my daughter patience who got married this last weekend. i made a baby quilt to match using the center of the trinity knot--now to get them quilted!!

Stephanie Newman said...

What an act of love to piece this quilt for your kids' wedding. Its lovely!

angelindisguise said...


quiltergirl said...

Beautiful work!

Nann said...

Wow! 110" is a BIG quilt. Great color combo.