Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rally Quilt Top

The rally quilt top is done, the backing is pieced, and it's layered and spread out waiting for pin-basting in the morning! My Juki cabinet is cleaned off, the machine is freshly oiled, and it's threaded with the white thread I plan on using for quilting.

I'm hoping for good results after quilting. This quilt is not my flattest :-( I decided to use polyester batting for the higher loft, and this quilt took the last of my roll of batting (another :-( here). I have some poly batting scraps I can piece together and probably do a couple baby quilts with, but that's it. I am down to just cotton batting in large pieces. Overall I prefer cotton batting, and I'm not out of that, so that's good, but I like to keep both on hand. Batting storage is an issue in the new sewing room (no closet), so I really can't store a full roll of polyester batting until I use up some of my cotton batting. I guess that quilting spree will have to be soon ;-)

Tomorrow DH and I have a date planned, so I may not do more than pin-baste the rally quilt. I am really looking forward to a date. We are both so busy at rally at rally time, that it is good to make time for us. I think it will be an afternoon movie and dinner, followed by the obligatory grocery store run.

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Katie M. said...

Melanie, I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. I so enjoy reading your blog, I don't comment often, but I love to read about your organization and the quilts that you create - awesome.