Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ahead and Behind, at the Same Time

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know I'm in the middle of a huge house rearrange. I am simultaneously ahead and behind my original schedule.

When I found evidence of termites over a week ago, that put a halt on some of the rearranging. I couldn't finish moving my sewing room, because I had to keep the wall where the termites were accessible for the exterminators. Since I couldn't finish moving my sewing room, it put a halt to getting the guest room finished too, since I couldn't move things out of there.I thought my sewing room and guest room would be done by now, and they aren't. The termite treatment was done yesterday, so now I can start working on those rooms again. DH helped me move my two machine cabinet today, so now I can get the new sewing room finished. Those two rooms I'm behind on, but it couldn't be helped. I'm so thankful I caught the termites early, and there is no damage to fix.

On the other hand, my original plan was to have my new bedroom settled by this evening. Since I couldn't work on the other rooms, I'm ahead on our bedroom, and this will be our third night in it. I still haven't dealt with some of the little stuff, but the big stuff is done.

DH is a champ, and was supportive of my decision to put one of my sewing cabinets in our bedroom.  This is the view from the door. ^

^View from the closet door.

^View from in front of the bookshelves in the last photo. Our bedroom is pretty crowded, but functional. Did you notice the quilt tops hanging in the front of my closet?

I'm hoping to get the last few things put away within a day or two, but we've already moved onto other rooms. I did get everything from my bathroom moved down to this bathroom, so that move is completely done!

We moved all of DD#3's furniture into her new room today. She's got a lot more space in this room, so moving her stuff was easier to figure out. She's still got plenty to put away, and nothing is on the walls yet, but the hardest part is done.

Here is DH vacuuming the room DD#3 exited. DH has been amazing during all the upheaval. I've moved a lot all my myself, but on his days off he's been a huge help! We need new carpeting pretty badly, but it's not in the budget right now, so it's got to wait.

While I was cooking dinner (gluten-free chicken fried steak, rice, gravy, and veggies) DH stayed busy and moved one of the twins beds.

I moved the rest after dinner, and although we haven't moved toys or gotten anything on the walls, the twins are now in separate rooms, which was the main reason for the rearrange! That room wasn't empty long!

There are only a couple more pieces of furniture to move, but there are lots of other things to be done. One room still needs to be painted, multiple rooms need curtains put up. Lots of things need to be sorted. The back of our van is full of stuff to be donated, and there will be more added before we are done. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lots of small stuff still needs to be moved.

DH and I are planning a day trip to Ikea, to get a few things that will help organize the newly arranged rooms. I'm looking forward to a day out of the house, away from things that need to be done.

Overall, I think the rearrange is going well, and will be a good change for all of us. I'm thinking another 10 days or so, and I might be able to start sewing again!

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Katie M. said...

perseverance and a steady pace usually is the key to just getting it done.... Glad you found the termites early and things are once again moving in the right direction. Enjoy your day away...