Thursday, June 16, 2016

Blessing in Disguise

It's pretty funny, right after I took the photo of my new sewing room in the last post, I went in there to clean it all up, washing the built-in shelves, vacuuming and such. While I was cleaning, I noticed that there was something that looked like a spill in two of the built in shelves. After scrubbing those "spills" I realized they were actually termite tubes! Not good!

I called the exterminator first thing Monday morning, and they came out same day to inspect the house. I was right that we had termites, but the blessing is that they had only been there about a month, I caught them really early, and the only reason I caught it at all was because we were rearranging the house. They will come to do the termite treatment on Monday, June 20, and they do need to drill in that room, so I can't finish arranging my new sewing room. I did get everything on the other side of the room situated, but then I dumped a bunch of other stuff in there, so I could work on the other rooms.

This is what that room looks like right now. The exterminators need to drill in the blue wall, and maybe into the floor as well. They'll be treating the entire perimeter of the house too. This room actually looked worse than this this morning, I've actually gotten some of the extra stuff out of here today. I need to have everything away from the blue wall by Monday.

This is DH's new office area in our living room. This area is pretty much done, and I'm happy enough with it.

My old sewing room is a real mishmash of stuff right now. I had planned to move my fabric shelves, and DH convinced me not to right now. I did get the guest bed moved into the room, and I have sewing stuff stored under the bed. The two machine cabinet that will be going into the new sewing room is stuck in here until after the termite treatment. I ordered accordion doors today to put on this room. This is originally a family room, but if I'm making it a guest room, it needs doors.

DH finished painting our new bedroom today. I'm not really happy with the shade of peach I chose, but it will do. I need to let the paint cure a couple days, but we hope to be finished moving into this room by Tuesday night.

This is the closet in our new bedroom. I had it filled with sewing stuff, my batting rolls, garment fabrics, and vintage sewing machines. My brother-in-law built the shelves at the back of the closet extra sturdy to hold my vintage machines, which are REALLY heavy. As soon as I emptied the closet, the twins kept saying there were built-in beds in the closet ;-) Their "beds" will be unavailable after tomorrow, because tomorrow's goal is to get our closet moved downstairs. I'm dreading all those trips up and down the stairs, but it's good exercise.

I've purged a LOT this week. I passed on five vintage sewing machines, almost all of my garment fabric, several pieces of furniture, lots of wall art, and lots of misc. stuff. I'm sure there will be more to leave the house as well. We aren't even half done with the house rearrange! If you include all the stuff in two bathrooms that need to be moved, we have eight rooms to move! We've only finished with one, but we are well along on two more. I expected this house rearrange to take a month, and I'm hoping I can come in just under that, but we'll see. I think a month was a good guess.

I won't be sewing any time soon, but I am working hard!

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katie z. said...

Whew! I'm so glad you caught the termites early.